BI Solutions Connecting People & Data of all Sizes from all Sources

Transform Data into Insights

At IntelliLabs, we understand the importance of making your business-critical decision making, cut costs and identify new business opportunities. It includes several activities, including data mining, online analytical processing, querying and reporting. At i-Verve help businesses with these activities which are smart, quick and confidential. We enable companies operating in increasingly data-centric applications to define and execute a strategy for data management and Business Analytics from multiple sources.

We have nurtured and trained IT professionals who talk data in essence Business Intelligence. We love Data and challenges and new projects. We pick and work with specialists whose insight and experience match with your project needs and business requirements

Enterprise Solutions

Our Enterprise Solutions enable organizations improve agility and operational efficiency and transform businesses to leverage emerging opportunities and market changes quickly. From consulting to transformation services, we optimize technology and business processes to enable your business to move into the next phase of growth.

  • Enterprise DATA
  • Sensor-Generated Data
  • Social Data
  • Cloud Storage And Warehousing
  • Data Presentation
  • Data Integration