Case Studies

Streaming Video

Continuing Medical Education

CME becomes easy, accessible and affordable through Intellimedia Networks Live Managed Services and video apps.
Total CMEs live Streamed: 24+
Average viewership: 3000 – 5000 Doctors per day

Key Services Used for CMEs:

  • Managed Service – On premise live broadcast team
  • Live capture and ingest
  • Presentation mapping technique
  • Questions / Feedback module
  • Live delivery on web and mobile devices
  • Archiving of video and make it available as VOD for further referring
  • Ability to have multiple branding and multiple embed on their sites as per the branding.
  • Almost real time data analytics Video Portals (Online Video Library), which can be used for every ongoing CMEs with past data available.
  • Mobile Apps (iOS/Android) for the Conference

Clients: Cadila, Sun Pharma, Zydus, Corona Remedies, Eris LifeSciences, BDR Pharma


Various medical associations regularly organize specialized continuing medical conferences (CME) that act as a platform for expert doctors and surgeons to present their research papers and discuss about the case studies for the other doctors to learn the latest and greatest in their respective field. All the doctors would want to attend such events, but are unable to do so due to geographical limitations and on-going professional commitments.


The managed services team can reach out to geographical locations and enable a real time live video which doctors can access via web and mobile devices. Once event is over, those live events are made available as archived videos. This empowers the viewers/doctors who have missed out on the live sessions. Not only this solution helps in savings cost, it massively increases reach due to ease of use and accessibility.