QA Services

Quality Engineering & Assurance

Software Testing

For any software life cycle, Quality Assurance and testing are extremely crucial and should be implemented from the early stage of the project. The need for independent judge is more strong and clear now. IntelliLabs has been offering QA services to its satisfied customers across the globe.

Our approach to software testing helps clients take advantage of:

  • Redefine the development process for application / software
  • Identify areas of weakness and the needed enhancements
  • Verify the expected performance of application
  • Verify the accuracy of logic which is being used
  • Ensure that business requirements of the system have been met
  • Reduce rework that is needed to fix buggy software

Mobile App Testing

Our comprehensive mobile app testing service ensures flawless functionality, world class user experience, and optimum performance for your mobile app. Our application testing experts will help you create the right mobile testing roadmap to optimize your test-cycle without compromising on quality. Whether the mobile app is developed as a native app or as a hybrid cross platform application, our methodologies and deep experience across a varied range of mobile apps testing helps us design the right test strategies for you and assures you of a high quality end product.

Automation Testing

Most testing tasks are repetitive, and this is especially true for regression testing that is conducted for every release. At IntelliLabs, we identify the functions and workflows most suitable for automation and create scripts for them, making the test case easily repeatable and freeing resources for creative and exploratory testing.

Some of the test automation service offered:

  • Framework and Test Development
  • Mobile Test Automation
  • Automated Test Execution and Maintenance

Security Testing

The pace of technology evolution will continue to accelerate in the years to come & so will the increasing threat from cyber-attacks. The consequences of these attacks are detracting at the least and incapacitating at the worst. Identifying and mitigating security risks is highly critical for the integrity and reliability of your system. It is also a key requirement within industry related standards and regulations.

IntelliLabs offers a comprehensive array of security testing services to identify and positively confirm vulnerabilities so that you can spend your time effectively eliminating threats and not ratifying them.