Case Studies

Streaming Video

Live Streaming Surgeries

Live streaming surgeries made possible with live conferences.

Key Services Used for Live Surgeries:

  • Managed Service – On premise live streaming team
  • Live capture and ingest
  • Two way audio video streaming
  • ZERO latency streaming between two nodes
  • High Definition viewing experience
  • Video archiving and VOD portal

Clients: Cadila, Sun Pharma, Zydus, Corona Remedies, Eris LifeSciences, BDR Pharma


Video streaming surgeries live have their own challenges; it requires ZERO-second latency with two way video communication. Traditionally, this is done by enabling a physical fibre cable between the two nodes. This approach has a huge cost, cable damage probabilities, and also the attendee doctors have to gather at one location to take part in the session.


Using our proprietary low latency video communication technology based on pure Internet delivery, surgeries were conducted live with on-going interaction between surgeons and other participants without using any fiber optic dependencies. This not only helped save huge costs but also aided get more viewers participation.